An Open Letter To The Friends I Left.

There are two specific friendships that I think I want to personally write to but I will leave their names anonymous. The reason why I am writing these two letters is because I want to let go of all the anger I have been bottling up inside and letting go of everything that has been […]

Pearls and Curls ZW

Do you love jewelry?   We all know Zimbabwe in general is expensive when you want to shop for authentic, original products. It’s pretty hard to get good, quality and original jewelry. When I came across Pearls and Curls ZW on one of the people I follow’s IG story I quickly rushed to check them […]

Dear Future Husband.

This is my first letter to you and the first thing that popped into my head when I started typing is, “Do I really know you?”. If we’ve actually met before. I am scared because I do not think you are among the boys and men that I know already. Here I am, 22 years […]