Freaky vs Freaky Friday

Lindsay Lohan will always be a childhood fav. I just thought I would point this out before I get right into business. Firstly I hope you watched Freaky Friday when you were growing up. That movie was interesting and still is. I watch it every time they air it on DSTV. It’s about a mom […]

BOOK REVIEW: At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me.

First things first, I read this book in one sitting so you know that’s it was very interesting but not in a pretty way. It’s the way Amanda was so honest and transparent about her life that made me cry for God knows how long. We always say it’s a cruel world but she has […]

Toxic Relationships: Malcolm and Marie Review.

  If I was Malcolm and Marie I would have eaten the mac and cheese and gone to bed. In fact I would not even bother looking for something to eat because you know what, I wake up everyday and choose peace. But I am also single but since they pulled me into their drama […]