Dear Future Husband: Letter #2

I have decided to start praying for you (26/2/21).   This is because I want to make sure that you are not just one of the boys. The ones that do not know the essence of working for the ones they love. The ones that do not know how to speak my love language. Like […]

Freaky vs Freaky Friday

Lindsay Lohan will always be a childhood fav. I just thought I would point this out before I get right into business. Firstly I hope you watched Freaky Friday when you were growing up. That movie was interesting and still is. I watch it every time they air it on DSTV. It’s about a mom […]

BOOK REVIEW: At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me.

First things first, I read this book in one sitting so you know that’s it was very interesting but not in a pretty way. It’s the way Amanda was so honest and transparent about her life that made me cry for God knows how long. We always say it’s a cruel world but she has […]

Dear Future Husband.

This is my first letter to you and the first thing that popped into my head when I started typing is, “Do I really know you?”. If we’ve actually met before. I am scared because I do not think you are among the boys and men that I know already. Here I am, 22 years […]

Toxic Relationships: Malcolm and Marie Review.

  If I was Malcolm and Marie I would have eaten the mac and cheese and gone to bed. In fact I would not even bother looking for something to eat because you know what, I wake up everyday and choose peace. But I am also single but since they pulled me into their drama […]

I Write To God

Praying can be hard. The traditional kneeling and bowing your head. I find it challenging when I am going through a lot and I would rather take a pen and paper and write a physical letter to God. It has proven to work more effectively that the traditional way. When I have tears in my […]

Online Learning Won’t Work. Simple!

A normal day for me starts around 7am. I wake up, help out with a few chores and eat breakfast. There is a baby here at home so most of the time I am with him because there is always something that needs to be done and I would rather be babysit than water the […]

Dear Zimbabwean Girlfriend

You need to trust me on this one. There is always this gut feeling when you start dating someone and deep down you know you love them and they love you. Spiritual people would understand this but it’s something to do with the energy between two people. You love your man with all you have […]

What’s Your Takeaway?

I recently started watching a new series called Lockdown. For a second it made me want to experience prison life, besides the part were a woman gets raped by another woman. One theme that I got from this SAFTA nominated series was loyalty and friendship. This has always been something I struggled to find over […]

Sit Still, Look Pretty.

“You are beautiful, but learn to work for you cannot eat your beauty.” African Proverb The first book I read when I started university was Diary of A Side Chick and a few months later I read Bare the Blesser’s game. They are both amazing books and I finished them within a few days. I […]