To Be Human Is To Love

I’m okay but I am not fine. I have used this public holiday to do some self reflection and realised that there are parts of me that need attention. That bad-ass feminist I portrayed for the last few years was just a fictional character. The real Tanaka is nothing close to that and I am […]

Let’s Talk About The Influenzas

You know what they say about viruses right? There just isn’t any cure for them, they can only be treated. I was sick with a virus for the longest period in 2017 and this was even worse than the Coronavirus. Sadly, I didn’t even know that I was sick. I had reached a point in […]

Wise Words From Sis Asha

Men have Shadaya, we have Asha Christina. Balance baby. If men are being told to stop being simps then it’s high time we also learnt how to behave around men. It’s high time we as women learnt emotional maturity. The probability of our aunties and moms talking to us about such issues are very slim […]

What Saweetie Said.

When someone takes that which makes you special  and gives it to someone else then it is not special anymore. It’s public property.

Finding Me: Self Identity

Wait, me? If I had to count the number of times I have asked myself this question I would probably get a 3 or 4 digit times. As part of my journey to find God, draw nearer to him and fulfill his purpose for me, I had to ask myself who I am. What I […]

Feel The Pain.

My close friends will tell you that I was miserable in January. It was the beginning of a fresh new year and I was hit with the biggest shock of my life. The pain was unbearable. At first I talked to my friends about it but it did not stop the hurting and the tears […]

First comes love.

I just hate feeling like that and it proved to me that I give men way more power than they deserve and this is coming from me, a retired feminist.

I’m Mad At Netflix.

Growing up I had Disney making me believe that high school was going to be awesome and I am going to meet the love of my life and we will live happily ever after. Netflix is pretty much doing the same! Can they stop making these corny love movies like To All The Boys and […]

CRWND Cosmetics.

My crown is the part of my body I cherish the most. After struggling with relaxed hair for a long time I decided to cut it all of and go natural in 2017. I have tried so many products and trust me they do not come as close to being as amazing as the CRWND […]

Why I Watch 13 Reasons Why.

13RW  A few months ago my friend sent me a message that read, “I lowkey feel like Hannah Baker right now 😔” . I was so confused and didn’t know what she meant. She had flooded her timeline with a lot of sad posts and it was quite alarming. Something was definitely wrong with her. I […]