I’m Mad At Netflix.

Growing up I had Disney making me believe that high school was going to be awesome and I am going to meet the love of my life and we will live happily ever after. Netflix is pretty much doing the same! Can they stop making these corny love movies like To All The Boys and […]

CRWND Cosmetics.

My crown is the part of my body I cherish the most. After struggling with relaxed hair for a long time I decided to cut it all of and go natural in 2017. I have tried so many products and trust me they do not come as close to being as amazing as the CRWND […]

Why I Watch 13 Reasons Why.

13RW  A few months ago my friend sent me a message that read, “I lowkey feel like Hannah Baker right now 😔” . I was so confused and didn’t know what she meant. She had flooded her timeline with a lot of sad posts and it was quite alarming. Something was definitely wrong with her. I […]

Crust less Vegetarian Quiche

Before I start I would like to dedicate this post to Tadiwa Mukuna, for teaching me that the best way to combat depression is cooking. From our point of view that is. This is the dish I am making for you if you visit me and I am in a good mood. I don’t like […]

Beans + Sausage = Beanage

So beanage is a new word that I use to call this new vegetarian sausage I mad from beans. It is not only delicious but it’s a great way to play with this popular Zimbabwean delicacy. A pack of beans costs around $50 RTGS which is a bit affordable considering the high price of meat […]

Sweet Potato Fries

I have noticed that the only way sweet potatoes are prepared in Zimbabwe is by boiling them. This is why I have decided to share one of the many ways to prepare them which is – frying them. So here is what you will need. Make sure you have: a knife a cutting board a […]

Cropped Out!

“I was there that night. We ate and laughed together and you told me you’ve never seen me that happy. So why did you crop me out? Are we even friends?” – An Open Letter to The Friend I Almost Had. Before you assume that I am overreacting let me start from the beginning. This […]

Guess What? I Laughed

For the first time in three weeks I laughed so hard I almost cried when I realized it. Guys it’s been difficult. Balancing home and work plus school nonsense. Laughing is hard. That’s why it was a magical moment for me.  My little brother decided  today that he wanted to be a rapper. He’s seven years […]

The AfroBloggers Never Ending Story.

It was a time for the planting season to begin and you’d expect everyone to be elated but for the rains. They had come too early… …and far too much. The earth became a soggy porridge, a fertile breeding ground for a very unexpected harvest. [Tawa of Gentlegiantblog & Beaton of BecomingTheMuse] The year was 2025. 5 years after the fatal […]

But I’m still standing

Hey, I’m still standing.  I have three paying jobs. Two at school and the third is from the small salary I give myself through my business. But I’m broke right now. Schools have closed so that means I can’t work. My supplier is in China and I only have 3 bras and 3 pairs of […]