An Open Letter To The Friends I Left.

There are two specific friendships that I think I want to personally write to but I will leave their names anonymous. The reason why I am writing these two letters is because I want to let go of all the anger I have been bottling up inside and letting go of everything that has been […]

Declarations and Affirmations.

What do you tell yourself when you wake up in the morning? I too am guilty of constantly pulling myself down and not telling myself that I am winning. That lack of respect for myself onceĀ  left me with BDD. Trust me it was really bad but it’s not something I want to openly talk […]

Talk To Him, He Loves You.

Did you know that it’s okay to tell God that you are frustrated and ready to lose your mind. That you are very angry and feel like throwing things all over the place? I didn’t. You see my relationship with God was like that of a strict boarding master and a student. I only wanted […]

The Heart of Worship.

It took heartbreak for me to realize that I was no longer in the presence of God. I was listening to a sermon about how sometimes God allows us to reach a breaking point so that we may know how to open our mouths and cast our burdens unto him. I was broken. At first […]