“I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character. Presents don’t band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women.”

I started dating when I was 13. The relationship lasted three hours and he was the only guy to ever ask me out properly. He came to my class, declared his love for me and asked me out. This was right before lunch time. I excitedly told my friends and they reminded me that this school suspends people who are in relationships and I had to break up with him. Back then I did not take risks. Then the next guy I dated after that cheated on me. We learnt at different schools and one of my friends saw him with another girl in the classroom at night. At 15 I knew what heartbreak felt like.

When someone cheats on you a lot of insecurities and if you are not careful they will make you lose your identity. I am talking from experience. You look for the other girl, check whether or not she is prettier, smarter, bigger, smaller, dark or light skin. It messes you up. So I understand when Saweetie said that the intimacy is not real when it’s given to someone else. When someone takes that which makes you feel special in the relationship and gives it to someone else then it is not special anymore. It’s public property. Ever noticed how women love limited edition products? The same goes with their love language. If your partner loves attention but you give it to every other random person then there is nothing special in the relationship. A good example that men would understand is if your girl got you a ps5, then got one for her male best friend too. See what I am trying to say? You might say it’s just a ps5 but it felt special when she gave it to you and you alone. The same goes for people who value quality time. The relationship will be dented if the time they need is used for other less important things and this does not include family and work.


Relationships are complicated but I am pretty sure if two people took the time to have a comprehensive conversation once a week or more. What breaks people up is more than lies and dishonesty. It’s too people not being able to communicate their needs to each other. If I were to date someone right now I would definitely want them to feel free to tell me exactly how they feel without being scared of me.


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