Ever heard of the Esther anointing? According to Michelle McClain-Walters , “The Esther anointing is a grace that is being bestowed upon women to influence the current culture for the purposes of the kingdom of God.” Beautiful right?

Today on my way to work I was listening to a podcast that talked about what the Bible says about being a Godly woman. The woman I am and that woman seem like polar opposites but if you were to listen to the podcast you too will realize that it is so easy to become a Godly woman. Most of you know that I used to be a radical feminist until I realized that the direction I was taking was not aligned with God’s purpose for me. There is a lot of unlearning that I am still doing because of the information I was exposed to over the past few years. It’s like how we were told that submissive women are a bunch of pick ME’s. I thought that women in the Bible were oppressed but that is not the truth and yet we have so many examples of brave women and leaders and I am currently learning more about Queen Esther.

“God did not create woman to do everything men can do. Equality does not mean sameness. Equality means each person is valued at the same level as another for their unique contribution.”
-The Esther Anointing

— My Life is Page 109 (@graciiieful) February 12, 2021


#DYK: Her other name was Hadassah which means Myrtle but since it was a Hebrew name it had to be changed to hide her identity. Maybe I’ll call my daughter Hadassah.

The Esther anointing is a gift I’d love to have bestowed upon me. There was a point in time when Esther’s past and present converged and her anointing was pressed out and revealed.  At that point of convergence was where God … took all of the bitter and sweet experiences of Esther’s life and crushed them together under the oil of the Holy Spirit to produce what is “the Esther anointing.” I imagine Esther as a drop-dead gorgeous woman with flawless olive skin and a tantalizing personality. She charmed King Xerxes so much that after deposing his prior queen, he could have chosen any woman he wanted—but he chose Esther. One of the most influential women in the Bible, clearly Kim K has nothing on her.

Here we have a Queen that got the whole tribe to fast and reverse their destiny which was death. Do you know how hard it is to break a generational curse? Now imagine reversing a whole destiny. Only an anointed person of God has that power, and here we have a Godly woman. A woman aligned with God’s purpose. You will learn that there is such a woman in every generation. The more you read the Bible. Last week I talked about Rahab. How her destiny was reversed from being a harlot to being a part of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

That woman could be you. Maybe you are the one meant to save your generation and lineage from turmoil. If you feel this is you then do not ignore God’s calling. Do not ignore it.