Picture this, you are sitting in class probably dossing off when suddenly someone explodes – right in front of you. Then after that more and more people start exploding, unexpectedly. That’s pretty much the whole plot of the movie Spontaneous and yes I am going to spoil it because you do not want to watch it. Its so freaky it got me up at midnight writing this review.

Spontaneous’ big-screen adaptation was first announced back in 2016, but following its limited theatrical and on-demand release this October, the subject matter and messages of the film have become unexpectedly timely. We have all been affected by this pandemic but I think for most people if not everyone, the worst part were the deaths. We lost too many people, there were three major causes of death:

  1. The virus itself
  2. Mental illness – mainly suicide due to failure to cope and adapt
  3. Hospitals were too full to attend to chronic patients

If you are from Zimbabwe you definitely know what I mean on point number 3 and number 2 recently took away someone I was not really close to but meant something to me. Which brings me back to the movie. The two main characters are 17 year old high school seniors Dylan and Mara. When the explosions started Mara and Dylan got closer and their romance blossomed into a relationship. Then Dylan explodes and everyone starts saying Mara is the curse causing the explosions. Dylan kind of knew he was not going to make it but Mara had a lot of hope for both of them. The good thing is they used the time they had together and did not miss the chance to show each other how much they meant to each other.

After the first explosion, the first thing Dylan did was confess his love to Mara. And he loved her till he exploded. All I got from this besides being scared to sleep is the same message the movie was or what I think it was trying to put across, Tomorrow Will Never Be Promised. When I was watching the movie I did not think that Dylan was going to explode too since he was a main character but after his death I did not think anyone else would survive. What’s worse is they never really figure out what caused the explosions. This movie was made before the pandemic but it triggers all the emotions I went through during it, the main one being uncertainty. The nature of the story hits home because there’s this ominous, confusing, intangible event happening all around Mara that she can’t control. Same as everyone else around the globe. Eventually this will end but it has been a rollercoaster ride.

This movie had my mind racing and my heart beating the whole time but it reminded me that we never know when our time is up and we should embrace being alive instead of just living. With this said I am no longer waiting for my 23rd birthday to start dating again. Life has no formula. I feel healed and it’s time to go out there and try again. Even if its hard.

Remember: Y.O.L.O!



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