My close friends will tell you that I was miserable in January. It was the beginning of a fresh new year and I was hit with the biggest shock of my life. The pain was unbearable. At first I talked to my friends about it but it did not stop the hurting and the tears did not wash away the pain. I was the messiest person ever mentally, emotionally and physically. My world just stopped and I was failing to locate myself and just simply remind myself that I was bigger than the situation I was in. From sleepless nights to crying myself to sleep to eating only a spoonful of food a day. It was hard to swallow. There was a huge lump on my throat and it blocked all the food I guess.

The best advice that I got from almost all my friends was for me to feel the pain, to let it eat me up or do whatsoever it wanted to do with me. So I cried when I felt like crying, I did not eat when I did not have an appetite and when I could not work I did not. Within a month I was almost back to my normal self. Pain does not go away completely, but a huge chunk of it will disappear if you try. So what I want to tell whoever is reading this, pain is inevitable. We all go through unexpected situations but that is all part of growing. There is a glow that comes with healing. That is the reward you get for accepting what you have gone through and realizing that there is more to you than a broken heart. The peace of mind is amazing. You’d think you were never hurt.

Whatever hurt you, feel it. Talk about it. Run with it. Scream if you want to. Punch something, that isn’t a living organism but never ever conceal your PAIN. Don’t struggle alone. Remember: The prettiest pictures are the ones who have cried the ugliest tears.


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