Grace is not the absence of the struggle; it is the presence of protection.”

This is what I tell myself every time I feel like I am not doing enough as a Christian and I am disappointing God. How does one rise from being known as a sex worker to being part of the lineage of grace.

Rahab was a harlot. Which is a polite way of saying prostitute. People did not really see her as someone that would be anything other than what she was known as. This is probably the way life is for most people now. Yes we have dreams of being better than the people we are or perceived as but on most days the dreams are not enough to even convince our very own selves that we will be better than this. A simple example that this generation relates to could be that of a girl with a sugar daddy, popularly known as a blesser. Her life expectancy is lowered by society because they say if the blesser does not give her an STD or something then something else will. Not much is expected from her. Now that was Rahab, from a mere harlot to Jesus’ ancestor.

After spending time trying to figure out how this happened I realized one thing, Rahab listened to the voice of God. It was not a loud commanding voice like what most of us expect but it was like a sixth sense and just by listening to it she gained the favor of God and survived the conquering of Jericho.

God will never stop sending divine helpers into your life. Like my friend Varaidzo always says, never deny yourself of a blessing. I think we might have the same problem of always expecting our divine helpers to be there to help us but no, sometimes we have to help them to help ourselves. Looking back this is how I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. When they needed my help the most.

Remember when you show kindness to the servants of God he will show kindness to you. Your past does not matter when you are now enjoying the grace of God. The art lies in not going back to old habits.

Take this as a sign that God wants to save you.

You  can read more about Rahab in the book of Joshua Chapter 2 verse 1 – 24.

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