This month was not as easy as I wanted it to be. It felt like I was breathing under water most of the time and the only time I had peace was when I was alone with God. There is also a song that kept me going and the good thing is I did not try to show it. I turned every lesson into an opportunity to learn. It was not as easy as I am saying it now but trust me it was.

February was a bit triggering considering my not so perfect love life that I have to deal with every single day. I’ve promised to work on myself until my birthday and try to use this time to find God and love him more because in him there is this peace and warmth that I cannot explain. Ever since I have turned to him my life is not as horrible. God’s love is warm.

What did I achieve this month?


  1. Spiritual cleansing

I will not dive into this but it was something I needed to do to free myself from the chains I felt were holding me back from being the person I want to be.

      2. Financial discipline 

If you like things then you know this is hard but after following my sister’s amazing financial tips, I have 3 separate accounts now. Business, savings and personal expenses. And yes my expenses account always has a $0 balance. Send your girl a money kani.

       3.Two Certificates

Yes I did that. Marinating my cv and stuff. In March I am aiming for a Udemy certificate and hopefully on something I love like digital marketing or web development.



Life is not fair but God is so if you have had a rough patch then trust me the hurting does end eventually. I accepted what happened to me and the way my life is. I also found a good podcast that talked about what I was going through.

      5. Love

My friend/fellow boss babe, Trish told me something when I was going through heartbreak. She told me to use this time to grow closer to the people that love me the most meaning my close friends and family and I have been trying to do exactly that. For now its working.

If you had a rough month too then please listen to this song.

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