I have decided to start praying for you (26/2/21).


This is because I want to make sure that you are not just one of the boys. The ones that do not know the essence of working for the ones they love. The ones that do not know how to speak my love language. Like a surprise delivery or if you are super wealthy, waking up to cash in my Eco cash or bank account. The thing is I am tired of being loved with words. Yes its sweet but it’s gets boring. We all know that words without actions mean nothing. I do not think wanting to be spoiled is a crime and I pray every man that has ever made me feel that way realizes that love is more than that.

Love is more than just a four letter word dear. It’s you taking action when I tell you that my finances are messed up and I could use an anchor for my business. It’s me texting you that I am hungry and ordering takeout for me. It’s remembering the dates that mean the most to me and being there to celebrate major milestones with me. I do not want to do this life thing alone because best believe I have had my fair share of loneliness and it is very cold. I deserve a love that does not involve struggle because I have experienced enough of it and best believe if the roles were reversed I would do the same for you. What you need to understand is that you need to go first. As a man you need to take the lead while I play background for a while.

Promise me you will love me the right way. The way that makes me feel at home and at peace.

Thank you.

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