There are two specific friendships that I think I want to personally write to but I will leave their names anonymous. The reason why I am writing these two letters is because I want to let go of all the anger I have been bottling up inside and letting go of everything that has been hurting me inside. I do not hold anything against you two but I felt it’s best if we went our separate ways and if you hold anything against me then I pray you find healing and set me free. Because this is me setting you free.

To the Fighter. 

Fighter, because I saw you fight battles and win. The type of battles that would have killed me.

There is a lot that I liked about you, you were and will always be a good friend. Which is why I never understood why there was something off about the energy between us from day one. It’s something that I failed to understand and explain. You have done so much to be there for me which is why I did not understand our silly fights and what felt like the grudges we held against each other. There were times when I felt like you were trying to control me and you were just too self righteous for me to process. I am sorry that I had to go and there are times when I feel like I was never there for you the same way you were there for me. You got angry over the smallest things and the fights never made sense. I got tired. You moved on and got new friends and we might not be the best of friends in the world but I am happy we moved on without any bad blood between us. I still wanna see you win but the distance between us is perfectly fine. My prayer for you is to live a life that does not bring you pain anymore.

I am sorry if I was never there for you.


To The Caregiver

Caregiver because you are a nice person, you love to help those that need your help. But I do not think it’s fair for you to constantly highlight the things you do for people. Maybe it’s how you treat people and it works for you. You do something for someone and tell the world all that you have done for them even when the person is present. There is a  lot that I would have wanted to say to you but I chose to leave in silence.

You are a nice person and instead of trying to change you I chose peace. Thank you for everything. One day when I am wealthy I will remember you. Take care.


Thank you ladies for being amazing friends.


Tanaka “Naka”.


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