Lindsay Lohan will always be a childhood fav. I just thought I would point this out before I get right into business. Firstly I hope you watched Freaky Friday when you were growing up. That movie was interesting and still is. I watch it every time they air it on DSTV. It’s about a mom and daughter that switch bodies. It’s ranked among the top 20 body switching movies so you know it’s really good. It’s definitely not better than The Hot Chick but it remains one of my favorite childhood movies. Fast forward 18 years later, Netflix decides to release Freaky which I want and will call, the Horror version of Freaky Friday. If you are wondering how I came up with that weird conclusion then explain why the plot and the name of the movies are the same. Yeah explain that.

Both movies are great but I think that little psycho gene in me that loved horror movies is dead. I can’t stand horror movies anymore. I was legit scared the whole time I watched Freaky especially with the graphic opening scene. Do not watch it around the kids.

What I liked about Freaky Friday was the fact that a parent actually got to walk in the shoes of their child, practically. The way they displayed the mother daughter relationship was realistic and I loved that about the movie. It’s that touch in classic movies that you won’t find in these cheesy Netflix movies.

It’s pretty clear that I would choose Freaky Friday but if you are a horror fan then Freaky would be the perfect movie for you.

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