First things first, I read this book in one sitting so you know that’s it was very interesting but not in a pretty way. It’s the way Amanda was so honest and transparent about her life that made me cry for God knows how long. We always say it’s a cruel world but she has gone through the worst pain anyone can ever imagine and for her to gather up the strength to write about her pain, that is beautiful and every single time I go through the book, I have one big prayer, “God please heal her and may she find the love she deserves where she does not have to suffer again”. 

The subject of abuse has been taboo in families for a very long time. In this book we have a brave woman opening up about her upbringing that was far from perfect in a society that pushes us to display this perfect aesthetic. When I read the book I thought I knew the author but trust me I do not know her at all. The books makes we want to give her a hug, a virtual one for now. Her journey from childhood to adulthood is not your typical fairytale. We’ve all suffered abuse but not the way she did.

So, At what age do our bodies belong to us? That question kept racing through my mind the whole time I was reading the book. You see, with everything Mia went through I have another example of another woman who went through the same thing. I know  about five women that went through the pain Mia went through, five different people compared to what one person went through. It’s the kind of story that leaves you weak.

This book will trigger a lot of emotions, trust me when I say I was not ready when I read it.

The way society belittles the pain of young girls and women. At first you belong to your parents, then at 18 you are told you are finally old enough to do what you want but the reality is that you still belong to your parents and waiting for your next owner and that is, your husband. That is the world we live in.

Every woman should read this. There are a lot of gems in this book and I encourage you to purchase it. The book is available on Amazon.

And to Mia, I hope that someday you will be given full custody of your body. You are the epitome of strength and women like you are the ones that change the world because they are not afraid to stand up to injustice. Thank you for leading. I know your book will help more victims of abuse to stand up and fight for their rights.


At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me? (The Memoir Series Book 1)

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