Do you love jewelry?


We all know Zimbabwe in general is expensive when you want to shop for authentic, original products. It’s pretty hard to get good, quality and original jewelry. When I came across Pearls and Curls ZW on one of the people I follow’s IG story I quickly rushed to check them out because I like things and I am not sure if they love me too. The first time they did not have the jewelry that I wanted, the second time it quickly sold out and as they say, third time’s a charm. I got my brand new jewelry for only $10 including delivery.

Here is what I got:



I got my order on one of the days the owner delivers and she is really nice. My stuff was neatly packaged in a way that protected the jewelry.

And here is the review:

I wore one pair for over a week and I did not suffer from any allergic reaction which means her jewelry is original and I recommend it to anyone that has a sensitive everything, like me lol.


Packaging: 3.8/5

Product Quality: 4.5/5

Shipping:  5/5


















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