If you know me personally then you are probably wondering how I am broke when I run a small business and I have a paid internship at a reputable company blah blah blah. Well here’s the thing,


  1. My business finances and personal accounts are two separate accounts.
  2. Subtract savings and expenses and I am left with close to $0.
  3. I am not a good accountant when it comes to my own money – I rock at business accounting.


You can judge me all you want but not all of us can bag rich niggas that want to make it rain on us.


On to my broke girl guide, so today I had a delivery to make and I don’t usually eat when I am at work but trust me I was starving, it usually happens when I am mentally exhausted. Which happens to me almost every Friday. So I am on my way to work with 60 rtgs ($0.60) and pass through an OK store. Trust me 60 cents does not get you much in Zimbabwe but I actually found something and saved $0.092.

Ladies, and the few gentlemen that read my blog – I present to you, the citro juice x pork pie combo!


A pork pie is $0.37 and citro juice is $0.13. That’s $0.50.

There you go, a filling lunch that won’t leave you in debt. You are welcome.


Ps: props to colcom for adding extra meat in their pie. My favorite is the peri peri chicken one although it does not taste like chicken which lowkey scares me.

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