Did you know that it’s okay to tell God that you are frustrated and ready to lose your mind. That you are very angry and feel like throwing things all over the place? I didn’t. You see my relationship with God was like that of a strict boarding master and a student. I only wanted to present myself before God when I felt my life was going well and I was behaving well. When I sinned and went through turmoil I would shun myself. I did not want to pray after sinning and even though deep down I knew that God is an all forgiving Father I just felt horrible when I let him down.

Today I want you to know that God wants you broken and down. God loves you flaws and all and I am not just saying that because it’s general knowledge. I am saying that because I have finally realized that I can turn to God even when I am not perfect. I am a living testimony of someone that cast their burdens unto God and he lifted them off their shoulders. Every single time when I meet a new guy I first ask God if he is the right one and best believe he replies within 5 business days, that guy – if he is no good for me, will be out of my life within a second after his true intentions are revealed.

God loves you. He is not the dictator the world has painted him to be. He is a caring parent that is there to listen to you any second of the day.

Talk to him today, He loves and misses you.

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