If I was Malcolm and Marie I would have eaten the mac and cheese and gone to bed. In fact I would not even bother looking for something to eat because you know what, I wake up everyday and choose peace. But I am also single but since they pulled me into their drama I am here to share my two cents.

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Every relationship has a breaking point and I guess when people reach that stage they can’t seem to stop shouting at each other. That’s when all hell breaks loose, it’s a win or lose moment.

Look at Malcolm and Marie. They are toxic.

This is what happens when two people think they are meant to be together. When they think they’re the perfect couple but they are destroying each other day after day after day. Malcolm is a manipulative, exhausting and over ambitious lover. He is in love with how the world perceives him and Marie is a ticking anxious time bomb. It’s like mixing vodka and gin, the whole night. Its a disaster of a relationship. The relationship is like a depiction of bipolar disorder but if bipolar disorder was a relationship.

The movie was great and I am afraid I will spoil it if I keep writing I will spoil it for you. But here is my favorite quote from the movie.


Marie: You’re a f***ing fraud. And the reason you didn’t thank me tonight is because you already know that. You have nothing new to say! All you can do is f***ing mimic. Be a f***ing parakeet, a goddamn cockatoo. I mean, God forbid you are ever alone, and have to dream up another original idea. What are you going to write, Malcolm? Huh? Yourself? Give me a f***ing break. You don’t have the balls. You don’t have the gravitas, the f***ing introspection to look at yourself, and your flaws, and your shortcomings.

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