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You know that belief that people have which says that if a woman leaves a guy and breaks his heart she is going to regret it because one day she’ll wake up, realize she made a mistake because the guy will be rich and married to this sexy housewife. Then I’m the miserable one with no husband, no kids and a low income job. Really? No thank you. After all the hard work I put in just to get my life right, you want to tell me that all that effort will be thrown in my face just because I broke up with someone? You can imagine how annoyed I was when someone actually brought it up. This is not Telemundo or ZeeWorld. This is real life and it’s a gamble. Not every move has similar consequences. This is something people need to understand. Leaving someone just because they were not good enough for you or you were not good enough for them is not a crime. I for one would never force things. Never. 

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