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“Who is your supplier?”

Unless you are asking about weed (which I don’t even use) then that question is a big no and here is why. This question makes you look like a copycat and I get so many of those. I don’t mind telling someone that I get my stuff from South Africa and China but asking for the exact contact does not sit well with me. I could be wrong but this is a business secret. Don’t get it twisted I wanna see my people winning and I have people copying my moves all the time but making it so obvious is just cold.

There is something called a business secret and a supplier is one of them. You accidentally find my supplier online, that’s cool but you are not getting him from me. This is the same reason why there are so many similar business models here in Zimbabwe because people keep copying each other. When I first started hyping up beauty box I had people asking me that same question and I hadn’t even launched. When I did not tell them they went on to try and start the same business and failed. That’s because people assume running or starting a business is as easy as updating a WhatsApp status. Newsflash sweetheart, it’s not!

So next time you see someone running their business, mind your own. All I can say is, be motivated but try not to copy. Thank you.

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