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Constantly telling people how to treat you is messy. It’s draining. The first offense might seem like a mistake but the second one is definitely an attack. I hate it. Yes I hate it when people don’t treat me right. This happened today. I have a “friend” that is constantly making fun of me in public and I keep telling her not to do it because it really affects my self – confidence which I am trying so hard to build. But you know what sis does? She strips me naked in front of the whole world and joins them to laugh at me.

I don’t care if a stranger calls me names and insults me on social media. They are temporary people that I might never meet and could use some healing. When it’s coming from someone that sees themselves in my life, attending my wedding, baby showers and birthday parties then it’s a big no. If the insults are constant then I am going to block, delete and move on from them. Because, WE MOVE!

To be honest today might have been my breaking point. I’m tired of it. I can’t keep telling someone not to something only to be labeled as a sissy that is quick to catch feelings. And I’ve never received an apology from her not even once. This friendship affects the exact parts of me I am trying to build. Like my emotional strength, my self confidence and my mental health. I don’t like fighting people and holding grudges. This is why I need to leave this friendship before she becomes a real enemy.

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