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Praying can be hard. The traditional kneeling and bowing your head. I find it challenging when I am going through a lot and I would rather take a pen and paper and write a physical letter to God. It has proven to work more effectively that the traditional way. When I have tears in my eyes and a heavy heart I can barely get a full sentence. Most of it is gibberish and telling God that you know the contents of my heavy heart seems like a lot for me to him. I also write down my goals as letters to God. When they’re answered I tick them off and it strengthens my faith in God.

This could be a method that works for me only and I come from a church where people normally pray moving around, clapping their hands and praying on top of their voices. It’s something that does not work for me personally because after praying in need to feel a certain rapport between me and God which I do feel when I have quiet time with him. Writing always does the trick.

How do you pray? The traditional way or the modern way?

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  1. I definitely prefer praying in silence. Sometimes I would even go outside for a peaceful and quiet environment just to be alone with my thoughts.

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