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For the first time in three weeks I laughed so hard I almost cried when I realized it. Guys it’s been difficult. Balancing home and work plus school nonsense. Laughing is hard. That’s why it was a magical moment for me. 

My little brother decided  today that he wanted to be a rapper. He’s seven years old. I’ll talk about him another day but for now let’s get to how I laughed. After supper and doing the dishes we all gathered in the sitting room and started talking then Tata – my little brother took the remote and started “rapping”. 

His whole performance channeled goofy me and I joined his “backup dancers”. I can’t dance to save my life but I did and enjoyed every single moment. Everything that happened just made me happy and that’s when I started laughing. Everyone joined in and we all started laughing. I’ve never laughed so hard ever since being quarantined. It was like my inner child was released from a basement prison. I was so happy. I still am. 

I’ve developed a few coping mechanisms but they have not helped much. 

Being on lockdown has really challenged my mental peace in so many ways and I find it hard to stay sane. I’d also like to thank Ancillar, Victor, Alistair, my clowns and my older sister for being by my side and helping me face each day. I’m taking it slow one day at a time. I’m overthinking and overwhelmed. I cannot thank my support system enough. 

Stay strong and stay at home. We will get through this together. 

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