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Hey, I’m still standing. 

I have three paying jobs. Two at school and the third is from the small salary I give myself through my business. But I’m broke right now. Schools have closed so that means I can’t work. My supplier is in China and I only have 3 bras and 3 pairs of shoes left in stock. After that I have to wait for the virus to stop spreading. I’m not even sure if my business will be revived. Everything else that you might assume is bringing in the bag is still on the planning stage. Trust me. 

I recently got into a relationship and to be honest with you all, I’ve never been happy like this in a very long time. After all I’ve been through, I am getting the happiness the universe once held back from me. Finally, right? But we’re on lockdown for 21 days and this is our first time being away from each other. 

Home is not my favorite place in the world. They say home is where the heart is but I would rather be continents away from there. I love my family but too my time with them destroys every once of mental peace I try to establish when I’m at school or on holiday away from there. My parents have given me everything I could ever ask for but I guess the African culture has put barriers which leave me with scars every time I try to break them. It’s a long story I  will one day talk about. In short, I wanna move out and I love my family. Get it? Being quarantined with them is going to be a challenge but here I am. 

This pandemic has taken a lot of good things that were going for me but I have found a lot of coping mechanisms to help me get through one day at a time. It’s hard but we don’t stop working. Did I mention my laptop suddenly stopped working and all my research files were on it? I should probably see a counselor because the way I am handling all this is not normal. The real me would be breaking down and drowning in depression but that has never helped anybody. I am little strained but it is not the end for me.

So far the virus has taught me that you can lose it all but that doesn’t mean you do not keep running. I have goals and dreams and as much as this is hard to process, I am alive and I wake up everyday ready to seize the day as if I don’t have problems.

I’m telling you all this because I want someone to not lose hope. Take it from someone coming out of quarantine broke and very much dependent. There is no need to worry. The Bible says you cannot serve two Gods. Personally I cannot worry and hustle at the same time. I have to choose one and the same goes for you. Choose wisely. This pandemic will be over soon. Have faith. 

We’re also working on the do good journal which will be a platform for students to post articles on wellness, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually. Feel free to contact me for details on how you can participate ❤️

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