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Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially been a vegetarian for a full year now and soon I will be a vegan, hopefully following a plant based diet religiously. The journey has been an uphill battle. When I transitioned I thought that I would be easy and my meals were going to be amazeballs. One year later and I can count the number of decent meals I can actually count the number of times I have eaten a proper vegetarian meal.

Let me get to the facts.

  1. Most Events Do Not Ask About Diet Preferences
  2. It’s Hard To Eat Decently Away From Home
  3. Vegetarian Meals Are Expensive

At least those are the challenges that I have faced so far. Visiting people has also become a huge challenge because you get to a place and they want to prepare a huge meal for you but since we are African, a buffet is not a buffet without plenty of meat and that is something I am tired of going through. I have tried so many times to tell people that I do not eat meat and it’s honestly just a personal choice but I still have people trying to force me back to that same space I am trying to transition from. So do not expect me to be visiting anytime soon.

I go through the same thing at school. It even got worse when I tried talking to them about my diet preferences and they gave me “vegetarian” food that almost killed me. Anyone who know me knows I am quiet and I do not confront people when they do me dirty but if you are reading this and you ever want to invite me over. Please try to make a vegetarian meal.

Thank you


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