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You are beautiful, but learn to work for you cannot eat your beauty.

African Proverb

The first book I read when I started university was Diary of A Side Chick and a few months later I read Bare the Blesser’s game. They are both amazing books and I finished them within a few days. I have always wanted to learn more about how the world of sugar daddies and blessers works. Would I ever want a blesser? The answer is I do not know because I have never been in a situation that made me consider getting one and I am one confused child. I don’t even have a favorite ice cream flavor.

There were two things that I noticed from both books, men do not want to invest in their arm candy because they know that as soon as she secures the bag she will feel independent and leave. The second one is that the girls get too comfortable they forget that one day one day it will all disappear. Yes, this does not apply to all blessees but most of them assume that the lavish life is going to last forever and forget to invest in a side hustle or anything that will sustain them when the blesser is fed up and decides to move on to his next victim.

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I watched girls change and turn to blessers ever since my freshman year. You think you know someone and they just change right in front of you. There is no formula to processing it. Best believe they are going to keep it a secret from you and you’ll find out through the hostel gossipers. Such is the adult life. Who am I to judge? It hurts to see them broken and concealing it in heavy makeup, good hair and designer clothes but it is no longer my business. I just hope they read this and get an idea or two.

Let’s be honest with each other, looks and a sexy body will not last forever. Open up a secret account and start depositing money and start a business that he does not know about. I would like to believe that no one dates an older man for the fun of it. I mean if blessees just loved the idea of dating older man then they would not go for the rich ones. It makes perfect sense. They are obviously in it for the money. Which is why I keep stressing on the fact that one should remember what she wanted before the money started flowing in and that it will not be there forever.

Mkhulu bae is either going to break up (I avoided the word dump) with her or die. Chances of you getting money after that are lower than the chances of me getting back with my ex.

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Remember this, whatever lifestyle you choose, just make sure that you’re winning. Do not just be reduced to arm candy for the rest of your life only to be discarded once he is satisfied. Think about yourself. What you want in life. That’s all I am asking from you.

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