Love is Crazy.

The past two weeks have been quite interesting for not only me but those around me. Our existing and none existing love lives taught me

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What Saweetie Said.

When someone takes that which makes you special  and gives it to someone else then it is not special anymore. It’s public property.

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Being An Esther.

Here we have a Queen that got the whole tribe to fast and reverse their destiny which was death. Do you know how hard it is to break a generational curse?

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Feel The Pain.

My close friends will tell you that I was miserable in January. It was the beginning of a fresh new year and I was hit

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Rahab: My Hero

I think we might have the same problem of always expecting our divine helpers to be there to help us but no, sometimes we have to help them to help ourselves. Looking back this is how I have met some of the most amazing people in my life. When they needed my help the most.

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