How To Be A Good Texter

So I met this guy a week ago, do not get your hopes up though because if annoying was a person then it would look like him. No lie, the boy annoys the living hell out of me. Everything was okay when we met in person and then he texted and then his score dropped to zero. Even his good selfies could not save him. The dude is a bad texter.

I actually noted 4 annoying things he did and this is my own personal opinion, so don’t worry. Maybe your soulmate will propose with the words “Nokuda bbie”. Shame

Anyways… The first thing he did was, he used shorthand

Do not use shorthand

If you are so lazy that you can’t type proper English then send a voice note. That is so annoying and trying to translate the text message is an extreme sport. Please stop it. Consider this a polite request from someone who has had enough. Shorthand is not cool.

Quick question though, when did you learn it? It’s a whole new language to be honest.

Use emojis

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I find that weird. I am more of a visual person and contrary to what some bloggers say, emojis bring life to the conversation. The same with stickers. When someone does not use one after I have sent one it makes me feel like I am talking to a grown up and by grown up I mean 40 year old, office bound person. One emoticon won’t kill you. Don’t overdo it

K (Short, meaningless responses)

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The only person allowed to do this is my mother. A ‘k’ is not different from having a frigging door shoved in your face. Why someone even do that? Why? I am starting to think we need a texting masterclass for some people, except mothers.

Do not take hours to respond

Tell people you are busy instead of leaving them on read. We cannot be having the same conversation ten days straight. We can as well delete each other’s numbers then.

Maybe this is just my opinion, what do you think?

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