I’m throwing away my phone!

10 years ago, this would have been the perfect “The day I will never forget essay”. Where do I even begin? 

See, your girl is not one of the best coders in the world (yet) and on that particular day I desperately needed help with an assignment. It was a good idea to be honest but I ended up regretting the whole thing. 

I called up a friend who had done the language (programming one) before to ask for help and a live demo and he said he was free on Sunday. Sunday came and I went to church and headed to his place right after . All his housemates were there so it was not a “just the two of us” situation which I thought was a good thing.

He was quite the gentleman y’all, not like these perverts I’ve been coming across lately. As soon as he had finished what he was doing, we got to work and I understood most of the things he said. I am not dumb after all.

Unfortunately for the both of us, his phone switched off and he asked if he could use mine to check for something. My phone has this virus that redirects it to random websites at any given moment. I tried to fix it but somehow it keeps coming back and we’re talking about a 5 year old phone here, it’s as good as dead now, even though it’s the one I’m using to type lol.

Back to my story. I give him my phone right and guy gets his code and puts the phone beside himafter he’s done. I wasn’t nervous because it usually redirects me to news sites and gadgetking something something. He continued to explain and I even forgot about the fact that my phone was with him.

An hour later I remembered I had to text my sister because I had to remind her and my aunt to pick me up, so I tried to reach for my phone and boom, a whole porn site was on display. I froze. Before he could ask what was wrong he saw everything. I almost cried to be honest.  My phone had finally embarrassed me.

I guess this is goodbye Mr Grand, I wont survive another embarrassment like this ever again. It’s over between us lol

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  1. ?? This is low key funny AF. Throw that phone away!

    1. Tanaka Daka says:

      ??? this phone is as good as dead

  2. This phone is the worst but nothing starts a good relationship than a good laugh

    1. Tanaka Daka says:

      I agree lol, but its high time I change it!!

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